The most holdable token in existence.

Hold it, enjoy it and watch it grow.
It really is that simple, but you wouldn’t blv it.

We love melons


Melons are the only fruit that has to be shared with others to reach its full potential.

Consumed alone it is overbearing, and its enjoyment multiplies only when it is shared with others.

Melons represent a new symbol of shared joy and utility, a paradigm shift away from the pvp markets riddled with rugpulls and scams towards a new type of memecoin with a new ideal underpinning its community:

  • To hold onto and grow the things we love.
  • To share the things we love to multiply the joy.
  • Enjoy the ride.
You stay focussed

How to Buy

  1. Create a Wallet - Metamask.
  2. Get some $ETH in your wallet.
  3. Go to Uniswap and connect your wallet.
  4. Exchange $ETH for $MELON.

Done! Now join the community and vibe with us!


Token Supply:

No taxes, No VCs, No team allocations.

91.992% of the token are sent to the liquidity pool, LP tokens were burnt and contract ownership renounced.

Remaining 8.008% of supply is held at CEXYMELONS.eth for CEX listings, Melon ambassador growth and community building.


Phase 1

  • Launch and burn LP Pool
  • Initial Marketing campaign on Twitter
  • CoinGecko / CMC listing
  • 1,000 $MELON enjoyoors

Phase 2

  • Onboarding of first waves of Melon Ambassadors / creators
  • CEX listing
  • Marketing Campaigns and partnerships
  • 10,000 $MELON enjoyoors

Phase 3

  • MelOnly fans launch with first wave of token-gated fan NFTs
  • Tier 1 Exchange Listings
  • 100,000 MELON enjoyoors
  • Melon World Order
Cooling down with some melon

Summer is here, and it’s time for us all to enjoy some ! 🍉💦